Jennie “SOLO”, reached 300 million views on Youtube … The first Korean female solo singer

BLACKPINK Jennie "SOLO" reached 300 million views

BLACKPINK Jennie released “SOLO” on November 12 last year. ‘SOLO’ has reached 300 million views in just over 6 months. The first Korean female solo singer reached 300 million views.

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1.[+104, -27] Jennie, congratulations.

2. [+66, -18] Jennie, who is stylish, pretty, good-looking, and unique.

3. [+49, -10] Congratulations.

4. [+39, -6] Dumplings

5. [+36, -8] Congratulations.

6. [+20, -4] I don’t know if Jennie is better than someone else because I have never met her before. And 300 million viewers? Currently, there is someone in our country who can get 300 million views or more by solo.

7. [+14, -3] Wake up, Yang Hyunsuk. Because of you, so innocent singers are ripping off.

8. [+43, -36] She didn’t get 300 million views for committing a crime, but there are a lot of vertigo comments.

9. [+43, -36] Yang, you love the word “first time” so you’ve created your first sex trade celebrity, and you’re going to be the first one to go bankrupt in three major agencies, are you satisfied?

10. [+11, -4] J. E. N. N. I. E. shines!

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