“It’s okay if I get a ticket” BLACKPINK Jennie’s manager under controversy for illegal parking

BLACKPINK Jennie's manager under controversy for illegal parking

Jung Yong Guk on a radio show: “The valet told the driver that they might get a ticket if they park there since it was illegal and asked them to give the car to the valet, but the customer was like, ‘It’s okay if I get a ticket’, and came in to the store after parking there. They asked if we could have the food ready so I realized a celebrity was coming. BLACKPINK’s Jennie then came in.”

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1.[+2251, -31] Just YG being YG ㅋㅋ

2. [+2116, -34] YG’s staff are a mess ㅋㅋ

3. [+1958, -28] They think they don’t affect others with their actions as long as they can pay the fine. Imagine how bad the rest is when the manager is like this.

4. [+172, -8] I can understand why he is angry when talking about such behavior

5. [+145, -8] Jung Yong Guk outed them ㅋㅋ

6. [+142, -6] Celebrities act like aristocrats and even their slaves think they deserve to be treated like nobles.

7. [+120, -1] The owner of the house was Jung Yong Guk, and it was a restaurant that BTS came, and older actors like Song Kang-ho. It’s funny when she thinks of herself as a world star.

8. [+119, -3] There is no law-abiding mindset at all in this agency

9. [+114, -1] Imagine how they think this type of behavior is normal when they block the entrance to the restaurant and wait for food to come out

10. [+102, -8] What is wrong with everyone in this agency?

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