Our hands only brushed against each others but my heart went boom… What was that… Snowdrop|December 18 (Saturday) 10:30 pm

original post: theqoo

1. I like Jisoo, but her voice and pronunciation just make me uncomfortable

2. She has a nasally voice, and her acting skills aren’t good either. I think she should just make money with BLACKPINK instead of becoming an actress..

3. I think it will be difficult to watch the drama because of Jisoo’s acting

4. I thought she was so pretty, but she looks much prettier on stage.. Her acting isn’t good

5. I like the songs that Jisoo sings… But her voice is not suitable for acting

6. Her voice isn’t good, and her expressions are a bit awkward

7. Jisoo’s acting is so bad, I hope the drama gets ruined

8. Seriously, I think the crew cast Jisoo because of her popularity. Jung Hae In is not a very good actor, but he suits Jisoo

9. She can’t even use her facial expressions

10. She’s so pretty… but her voice makes me uncomfortable…ㅠㅠ