“Happy Halloween” BLACKPINK Jisoo, attractive eyes + pure beauty

BLACKPINK Jisoo greets fans with her adorable beauty in new Halloween photos

On Halloween, Jisoo updated her Instagram with new photos. She wrote, “Ooooo Happy Halloween!”, she models with a Jack-o-lantern…

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1. [+128, -5] Jisoo is too cuteㅋㅋ

2. [+101, -3] BLACKPINK Jisoo is the prettiest.

3. [+90, -1] I’ve missed you so much

4. [+80, -1] Happy Halloween Jisoo

5. [+73, -1] BLACKPINK Jisoo

6. [+40, -3] BLACKPINK Kim Jisoo, you’re so pretty, I hope to see you in the drama soon.

7. [+35, -0] Certainly Jisoo is the prettiest female idol, Jisoo is suitable for all kinds of clothes. Fashionista Jisoo! I love you so much, you can update SNS regularly so I can see your beautiful face! I love you so much.

8. [+36, -3] Wow, Jichu is so cute

9. [+33, -0] BLACKPINK Jisoo is so cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋ She’s the best

10. [+31, -0] I miss you every day … Thank you for your photos today, Jisoo.

11. [+9, -0] Her face is amazing. It’s definitely the best-looking idol of all time

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