“My name is Sae Narae” BLACKPINK Jisoo bursts with innocent beauty

BLACKPINK Jisoo shares a photo in the waiting room of 'Arthdal Chronicles' drama

BLACKPINK Jisoo shared a photo taken in the waiting room of the ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ drama.

original post: nate

1.[+570, -104] She is the prettiest in BLACKPINK, I wish she would leave YG and go to another agency

2. [+535, -109] The perfect face for acting

3. [+386, -82] Really pretty

4. [+22, -8] She didn’t have any lines in yesterday’s episode but she looked so pretty.

5. [+20, -10] Ignore YG

6. [+20, -10] So pretty~ Even as a woman, she has a look that makes me want to protect her

7. [+17, -6] Honestly, I feel sorry for her when she becomes an idol with that beautiful appearance.

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