BLACKPINK’s Comeback On Spotify on The First Day of The Release

BLACKPINK 'Kill This Love' enters Spotify charts at #140


Ddu du ddu du was #170
Among K-idols, Bangtan was 10-20th, BP’s past ranking was 170, Red Velvet 160th, TXT 190th

original post: theqoo

1.RV is doing better than I though?

2. BTS is another level

3. RV is doing so well? Do they even promote in the US?

4. Oh they’re doing well, I’m proud as a Korean

5. Aren’t they #1 on Itunes? Why are they so low here..

6. If you’re out of the top 100, 140th is basically the same as 180th

7. Itunes doesn’t mean anything nowadays, what people look at is Spotify

8. I’m shocked about Bad Boy’s result in the USㅋㅋㅋ

9. TXT did pretty well entering the charts

10. If not for this post, people would never expect RV to do so well in the US