‘Inkigayo’ Black Pink has the first win, BTS x Super Junior D&E comeback

On this episode, Ho1iday made their debut with “Fantasy.” BTS came back with “Boy With Luv,” Super Junior D&E came back with “Danger,” and Yongzoo came back with “This Time.”

As for the winner, Black Pink, Bolbbalgan4, and EXO’s Chen were nominees. In the end, Black Pink won with “Kill This Love,” marking their first win for the song.

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1.[+915, -500] No, I mean, what does this mean when BTS is not even the first candidate?

2. [+513, -285] Congratulations Black Pink~

3. [+372, -184] Congratulations Black Pink

4. [+275, -117] Congratulations^^

5. [+298, -146] Black Pink congratulates for the first place, Coachella’s performance is awesome

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