BLACKPINK Lisa and Rose’s bone structure

Every time I look at Lisa and Rose.. They are born with such good bone structure

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1. [+84, -6] Lisa is skinny but her legs and arms are muscles… All the members seem to be worn out when they dance for a long time but Lisa has a strong stamina so she never gets exhausted… She has the best energy in concerts.

2. [+70, -1] Looks like they have the type of body that everything they eat will disappear. They don’t get fat at all.

3. [+60, -4] They are born with good bone structureㅋㅋㅋ Rose eats a lot but never gains weight. Lisa only eats meat so she’s born with it but they also work our a lot.

4. [+48, -1] Rose’s feminine body is solid

5. [+34, -1] These two are considered skinny even among girl groups ㅠㅠ They must be born with good bone structure.

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