BLACKPINK Lisa’s performance video → meme challenge… SNS all over the world

BLACKPINK Lisa's performance video creates meme challenge on SNS worldwide

original post: nate

1. [+759, -59] Is this fun?

2. [+703, -70] YG’s media play is back again!!

3. [+477, -149] All the kids are watching.. crazy

4. [+53, -8] What is this stupid challenge?

5. [+46, -9] YG’s media play is always so obvious

6. [+43, -7] This is YG’s media play. No one in Korea cares about this, but YG will hype it up saying it’s getting an international reaction to get people to take a look. Why would anyone care about this during the time of corona?

7. [+39, -8] YG drugstore OUT

8. [+29, -7] I honestly want to ask anyone living abroadㅋㅋ If she is really famous or if this is setㅋㅋ

9. [+27, -7] Is it really popular??

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