Black Pink Rose x Lisa, heartwarming friendship… “thank you for being a good friend for 7 years”

'BLACKPINK' Rose celebrates Lisa's birthday

original post: nate

1.[+750, -31] Your agency’s a mess right now

2. [+669, -33] Seems like they hang out like Rose/Lisa and Jisoo/Jennie…

3. [+488, -25] Under the most evil agency

4. [+35, -13] Still YG

5. [+30, -8] Rose’s face is just… bursting with kindness. She makes you want to be good to her… like a little sister. I’m a woman, by the way…

6. [+29, -9] They must’ve worked so hard to debut so it breaks my heart that they’re getting hate just for being under YG.. find strength, Rose and Lisa.

7. [+27, -4] Kids! Hurry and leave YG. I feel so bad for them.

8. [+24, -8] Pretty Rose ?

9. [+22, -8] Love these two

10. [+21, -2] Please don’t do drugs, guys.. I believe in you..

11. [+19, -2] What makes Jennie any better than these two that YG only keeps promoting her

12. [+19, -4] Kids, just take Lee Hi’s hand and leave that company together. There’s no saving that place.

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