BLACKPINK Rosé recently, Smile full of happiness

BLACKPINK Rosé shines brighter than the flowers in her latest photo

On the afternoon of October 1, Rosé posted a photo on her SNS.

Rosé in the photo surrounded by flowers and beaming smile. Rose looks happy and brightens her surroundings. Rose poses with her perfect legs.

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1. [+71, -7] She is so lovely and innocent. She is really brighter than the flowersㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+39, -4] I want to see Chaeyoung walking around more~ It’s nice to look so free and happy. Rosé, let’s go on the flower road~

3. [+31, -2] Oh, Rosé, you’re so pretty.

4. [+22, -2] Rosé is too cool

5. [+18, -2] Lovely

6. [+8, -0] BLACKPINK Rosé is so f*cking pretty.

7. [+5, -0] Rosé, I’m so happy to see you having fun!! She’s an innocent girl with a beautiful smile~

8. [+5, -0] She is so pretty

9. [+5, -0] Rosie<3

10. [+4, -0] That’s so cute

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