BLACKPINK will appear on ‘Music Station’ today (18) … The first time after their debut

BLACKPINK to perform on Japan's "Music Station" for the first time since debut

On October 18, BLACKPINK will be performing on TV Asahi’s “Music Station” alongside Japanese artists.

Notably, the episode will mark the girl group’s first appearance on the long-running music program since their debut in 2016.

The upcoming episode of “Music Station” featuring BLACKPINK will air on October 18 at 7 p.m. KST.

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1. [+64, -8] I’m looking forward to it because BLACKPINK’s stage is always amazing. Fighting!

2. [+35, -2] I always support BLACKPINK!

3. [+35, -3] BLACKPINK is good on stage, so they’ll do well on ‘Music Station’

4. [+31, -2] I’m looking forward to the stage today.

5. [+32, -5] Good luck BLACKPINK

6. [+9, -0] I’m looking forward to the stage ㅜㅜㅠ BLACKPINK fighting! I can’t wait to see BLACKPINK’s comeback and their new stage

7. [+6, -0] BLACKPINK is great. I’m looking forward to the stage.

8. [+6, -0] I’m looking forward to BLACKPINK’s stage.

9. [+9, -4] The biggest reason I like BLACKPINK is their stage. The stage of BLACKPINK always makes me happy.

10. [+5, -1] Watch out for all the evil people. They’re still out of control.

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