BLACKPINK, ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ topped the weekly chart for April 4th week

BLACKPINK topped weekly album sales in Hanteo Chart, following by TWICE

On the 29th, Hanteo Chart announced that BLACKPINK 2nd mini album ‘KILL THIS LOVE‘ topped the weekly chart for April 4th week, following by TWICE in the second place.

BLACKPINK achieved record sales of 142,068 copies in 6 days after its release.

TWICE 7th mini album ‘FANCY YOU‘ recorded sales of 138,146 records in 6 days and ranked #2 in the weekly chart of the Hanteo Chart.

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1.[+294, -74] I’ve only played the music video three times. They don’t have any special promotion, that’s great. All the songs on the album were good. They made the album so well.

2. [+215, -36] They have a platinum album. YG is not really good at creating albums, BLACKPINK seems to have broken a prejudice that they are singers who cann’t sell albums well. If we do it often in the second half of the year, we will do better. BLACKPINK, fighting!!! I also like the song in the album.

3. [+193, -33] I think BLINK is very good at supporting BLACKPINK. Although it was difficult, we were also proud of the members who have produced the results and the number of fans BLINK has increased, and the power of BLINK is great.

4. [+113, -13] Please have a fansign in Korea after ended your world tour ㅜㅜ I’m so sad you haven’t done it in this album ㅜㅜ

5. [+102, -11] Please make sure to have another comeback this year, please do it in the second half of year and have a fansign event.

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