Black Pink, UK chart ‘Singles Top 100’ for 3 consecutive weeks .. “First K-pop girl group”

BLACKPINK, UK chart 'Singles Top 100' for 3 consecutive weeks, first K-pop girl group

According to the UK official chart on the 26th, Black Pink‘s new song ‘Kill This Love‘ ranked 55th in the ‘Official Singles Top 100 Chart’.

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1.[+415, -102] BLACKPINK is great

2. [+322, -56] Congratulations on BLACKPINK entering ‘Singles Top 100’ for 3 consecutive weeks

3. [+290, -65] It’s a good reaction in England, too.

4. [+186, -32] ”Kill this love” ‘UK Charts SINGLES’ week 1(#33), week 2(#48) week 3(#55) 3 consecutive weeks, blackpink in your area

5. [+152, -24] It’s the best.

6. [+95, -15] I know that it’s rare for a girl group to enter UK charts. I think BLACKPINK will continue to maintain it

7. [+56, -4] Anyway, I don’t know how much YG is paying for it, but I’m not sure about the stock price. I hope YG is ruined.

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