BLACKPINK, Cancel a North American tour

BLACKPINK's 2nd Dallas/Fort Worth Show on May 9 is cancelled

BLACKPINK‘s 2nd Dallas/Fort Worth Show on May 9 Is Cancelled.

The concert of the same venue on May 8, originally scheduled, will be scheduled. Previously, BLACKPINK sold out tickets for May 8 and added 9th.

YG Entertainment, confirmed that “As announced by local promoters in the US, the 2nd Dallas/Fort Worth concert, which was decided to be added to the BLACKPINK North America tour, will not happen due to unavoidable situations.”

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1.[+145, -21] Take care of your health and show a great stage.

2. [+94, -9] Wow…BLACKPINK, It’s sad to be canceled, but body control is more important. Take care of yourself

3. [+86, -8] It’s been canceled. They have not rested since their comeback. Let’s wrap up the rest of the concert. Fighting~

4. [+67, -6] We’re still going to have to go ahead. Cheer up.

5. [+67, -6] I’m always proud of you.

6. [+30, -3] Good, it’s a crazy schedule.

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