BLACKPINK’s foreign fans are making the scale of their protest bigger and bigger

The scale got bigger from when they sent the truck in front of YG’s office yesterdayㄷㄷ

original post: theqoo

1. There are many tours. It seems like it’s a habit of YG singers. One album, one year on tour. YG only focuses on tours to make money.

2. YG is just the drugstore so I understandㅋㅋㅋ

3. Did Teddy not write songs for them anymore? Please make a comeback with songs from other producers besides Teddy

4. Looks like BLACKPINK is still a rookie group with little activities.

5. BLACKPINK’s foreign fans are amazing… Too bad for them to stan YG’s group

6. I want to see BLACKPINK’s year-end stage… I’m sure it would have been a hot topic if they were performing at year-end festivals.

7. But BLACKPINK is so popular even if they come back once a year.

8. I don’t understand that. If I were YG, I would invest in BLACKPINK. Isn’t BLACKPINK making the most money for YG?

9. Well, I don’t even see BLACKPINK these days apart from a few photos of members on instagram.

10. All of YG’s artists have longer and longer comeback time..

11. No matter how much you talk to the drugstore, it’s really useless.

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