BLACKPINK’s foreign fans attacked BLACKPINK’s Korean fans for participating in clarifying the historical distortions of ‘Snowdrop’

original post: theqoo

1. Korean fans did it to protect her, but if you don’t understand, you’re a stupid fan..

2. Please close your mouth

3. Pleaseā€¦ If you don’t know our history, shut up!

4. What the hell are they saying when they don’t understand our history?;; I’m not a fan of BLACKPINK, but that’s annoying.. I hope they can save her before she is boycotted by the Koreans

5. You guys are stupid. What are you guys doing with our country?

6. Go away, it’s our country

7. Well, they didn’t even know the Korean fans were trying to save her

8. That’s why I don’t like foreign fans. They only care about their favorite idols, they don’t know about our culture and history

9. Are they Chinese?

10. They look like Jisoo antis? They are ruining Jisoo’s image in Korea

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