Jennie went to Song Mino’s art exhibit .. “Congratulations to new artist”

BLACKPINK's Jennie went to support WINNER's Song Mino at his first art exhibit

BLACKPINK’s Jennie went to support WINNER’s Song Mino at his first art exhibit!

Jennie posted a photo with Song Miho with caption, “Congratulations to new artist Song Mino.”

original post: naver

[+336, -26] They’re both hip and cool~~~ I love you, Jennie~~

[+204, -18] Both are my favorite singers.

[+151, -7] Oh, Jennie, Minho, both of you look good. I like it so much. They look like brothers and sisters. They look cute to each other.

[+113, -7] So warm

[+113, -8] Jennie’s dumpling cheeks are so cute.

[+47, -0] Wow Minho is handsome and Jennie is pretty It looks good

[+37, -1] I didn’t see all the pictures of celebrities, but it’s the most hip and nice thing I’ve ever seen. Good at drawing.

[+26, -1] Song Minho is so cool. Jennie is so pretty and you’re both wearing my favorite clothes.

[+23, -1] Congratulations. That’s great. Song Minho is the best.