“Be fair”… BLACKPINK’s Jisoo fandom sets up trucks in front of YG office building

The trucks carry varying messages asking for fair treatment of Jisoo and call out the company for failing to take responsibility for her promotions.

“Treat Jisoo fairly.”
“You did not take responsibility for reasonable rights during promotions for Jisoo, your company’s artist.”

Fans have pointed out that not only was Jisoo not given a thumbnail in official music video materials, she has constantly not been featured on social media promotions.

Jisoo also consistently has the least lines and screentime. Fans have also been requesting for the company to step up in promoting Jisoo, protecting her rights with external brands as well.

They also pointed out that Jisoo was given less attention as compared to the other girls, from concert promotions to styling and lack of plans for a solo. So far, Jennie and Rosé have already released solos while Lisa‘s is reportedly under preparations. There has been no news for Jisoo so far.

“We hope that you can fix the fact that Jisoo has yet to be recognized as an actress on the official website.”
“Since Jisoo deserves more opportunities, allow her to have such opportunities. We sincerely ask you not to waste Jisoo’s talents, abilities and potential.” cr

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1. Jisoo starred in a drama >> Releasing an album in Korea, but foreign fans didn’t understand it..

2. She starred in a drama, YG pushed her, but why did fans do that?

3. Wow, 6 trucks…. They should have sent coffee trucks with that money instead

4. But isn’t she starring in a drama?.. YG is pushing each of them towards their own talent, what’s wrong with this?…

5. I understand Jisoo fans a bit. I think YG pushed Jisoo less than the other members during BLACKPINK promotions

6. Jennie and Rosé debuted solo, Lisa joined ‘Youth With You’ as a mentor, and Jisoo starred in a drama, what’s the matter?

7. Acting is not an individual activity?

8. If you live near YG and have a truck, you won’t starve

9. The greed of the fans is piercing the sky…

10. When will Lisa’s solo album be released?

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