Shawn Mendes, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Lisa, And Jennie … Upload the memories of the concert

BLACKPINK's Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie met Shawn Mendes at his concert

On September 26, Shawn Mendes took to his Instagram and shared a photo that he took with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie.

It appears that the three BLACKPINK members attended the Seoul concert of “Shawn Mendes: The Tour,” which took place at KSPO Dome on September 25.

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1. [+89, -9] Jennie is gorgeous

2. [+72, -6] Jennie

3. [+66, -6] Jennie is so pretty. She’s just standing there, but I’m having a crush on her.

4. [+63, -6] I always like Jennie. She has a unique atmosphere.

5. [+38, -4] I really envy Jennie. Her face is really small. She has a good style. I like it so much!

6. [+36, -4] Jennie is so pretty. Her clothes look good too

7. [+33, -3] Jennie is perfect in my eyes

8. [+29, -3] Wow, Kim Jennie is really prettyㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ She has great styleㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

9. [+18, -0] BLACKPINK are so pretty~

10. [+17, -1] They all look good, but Jennie stands out the most.

11. [+16, -1] Jennie’s beauty and figure are perfect for fashion.

12. [+47, -35] BLACKPINK Jisoo’s visual is amazing. She is the prettiest.

13. [+32, -26] BLACKPINK Jisoo is so pretty.

14. [+22, -16] Oh, It’s awesome. Rosé must attend the Saint Laurent show at Paris Fashion Week

15. [+16, -10] BLACKPINK covered Shawn Mendes’ song, but then BLACKPINK will collaborate with Shawn Mendes