BLACKPINK’s Jisoo said that she likes Korean history with her own mouth – Snowdrop starring

original post: theqoo

1. I guess she hasn’t studied modern and contemporary history yet

2. Didn’t she study contemporary history? If she learned it, she would never participate in Snowdrop;

3. She just liked it, but she didn’t study hard

4. She likes Korean history, but she hasn’t learned it yet

5. Bye…

6. BLACKPINK is so popular not only in Korea, Asia but also around the world, she should have thought about her influence and made the right decision, but…

7. She didn’t show anything in acting, but thanks to YG, she was easily cast in the lead role in a drama

8. No, but the lead role? Does she have any experience in acting?

9. Jisoo….. wake up now…..

10. I love Jisoo, but I don’t support this drama

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