BLACKPINK, UK charts ‘Top 100’ for 4 consecutive weeks … 1000 days debut

BLACKPINK's 'Kill This Love' ranked on the UK chart for 4 consecutive weeks + 1000 days debut

BLACKPINK‘s new song ‘Kill This Love‘ ranked 66th on the UK official chart ‘Top 100 official singles chart‘ on May 3.

BLACKPINK celebrates 1000 days of debut today.

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1.[+139, -6] Happy 1000th day of BLACKPINK debut.

2. [+95, -3] Congratulations, BLACKPINK. They’re great girls. There are many people cheering on you like me, cheer up.

3. [+80, -4] It’s naturally settled on the UK charts.

4. [+51, -3] Wow, great!

5. [+24, -0] It has been 1,000 days since BLACKPINK debuted. I have liked watching them since they debuted. I was very happy to be part of it. Thanks to BLACKPINK, I’m happy every day. Less than three years since their debut. I was surprised and proud that they had grown to this level. Fly higher. I will always by your side. Fighting!

6. [+17, -0] I’m proud and thrilled to see you grow up every time. I will continue to support you.

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