BLACKPINK’s Lisa seems to have adopted another cat

The name of the cat is Lego

So fans are wondering that it is Lisa’s new cat

Since Lisa has raised 4 cats, they are all named starting with the letter ‘L’





original post: theqoo

1. Daebak.. Lisa is awesome

2. I think it will be so busy to raise four or five cats, she’s so cool

3. Lisa lives alone..?????

4. Is she raising them in Korea? Does she live alone?

5. All of Lisa’s cats are a rare breed

6. I wonder how Lisa cares for five cats since she’s so busy

7. Wow .. How does she take care of all of them because she’s so busy?

8. I can’t believe she got another cat, it’s so cute and small

9. She didn’t adopt it and bought it from a pet store..?

10. So cute!

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