YG stylist Jieun leaves the company, will there be changes with BLACKPINK’s outfits?

BLACKPINK's stylist leaves YG, will there be changes with BLACKPINK's outfits?

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1. [+1150, -29] I don’t even know who she is, is the article on her really necessary…

2. [+1116, -27] Do you have to publish an article even if a stylist leaves the company?

3. [+676, -38] BLACKPINK had some dark times when Jieun was their stylist… This is good news

4. [+50, -11] This is good news, I’m glad she’s leaving. This ajumma always gives the best outfits to one certain member….. She gave Rose all the cheapest outfits for ‘Kill This Love’… farewell ajumma

5. [+47, -4] I think all of the YG fans hate her

6. [+33, -1] Looks like she’s fired, not left..,

7. [+21, -4] BLACKPINK is probably better off dressing themselves than having a coordi

8. [+15, -3] I’ll leave the office next week, please give me an articleㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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