BLINKs set up a video truck outside YG’s building protesting for better treatment for BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK fans have set up a video truck outside YG’s building protesting for better treatment for BLACKPINK

2 group comebacks per year
Release of members promised solos
Proper group promotion
Award show attendance

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1. [+122, -7] How long does BLINK have to work like this? BLACKPINK is a famous and successful idol group worldwide. The concert, the music sales, the data proves this. BLACKPINK is well qualified for comeback and musical activities. #BLINKSDemandForBLACKPINK

2. [+89, -4] Yes!!!!! It’s BLINK’s demand~ They said they did it in the hope that their request would be fulfilled by YG. Stop being so stubborn and accept it. That’s what fans want YG to do for BLACKPINK in 2020. If YG doesn’t listen to our requests, we’ll have to do this many more times~~ Fighting!!!!!

3. [+79, -5] These are just basic activities but YG didn’t do well, so fans have to do this….. BLACKPINK’s comeback, please.

4. [+72, -4] They’re not asking for anything difficult, but if fans have asked, just accept and do it.

5. [+41, -5] BLACKPINK hasn’t had a regular comeback in 3 years. There are only 13 songs by the 3-year idol group, there are no comeback twice a year, and no year-end ceremony. It’s not fair as a YG artist. It’s time to protect what YG promised a year ago.

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1. I’m not a fan so I’m curious why YG didn’t let them come back twice a year? Why didn’t YG let them attend awards ceremonies and year-end festivals?

2. I want to see ‘Kill This Love’ stage at the year-end festivalㅋㅋ At least let BLACKPINK attend the year-end festival, pleaseㅋㅋ

3. Teddy alone is not enough to compose songs for BLACKPINK’s comeback ㅠㅠ But YG didn’t even allow them to attend awards ceremonies and year-end festivals… sigh

4. You guys, do you think that YG listens to requests from fans? Neverㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. It’s a pity for the fans, but in YG’s opinion, it’s better to hold concerts to make money.

6. It has been 3 years since BLACKPINK’s debut and their total number of songs is even less than an album of Baek Ye Rin.

7. Honestly, BLACKPINK’s domestic activities are not much, right? They only have a few songs, so they’re freeing up time with cover songs in concerts.

8. They can’t come back because there is no song..? BLACKPINK’s songs are mostly from Teddy

9. Is it because there is no song?

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