Blue House responds to petition (220,000 signatures) to cancel ‘Snowdrop’

The Blue House has now officially responded to the petition to cancel ‘Joseon Exorcist’ and ‘Snowdrop’ with the following statement:

“Article 4 of the ‘Broadcasting Act’ guarantees the broadcast station’s freedom and independence of broadcast programming and states that it is not possible to regulate or interfere with the broadcast programming without complying with the conditions as prescribed by the act. The government’s direct involvement in creative work especially requires a careful approach as it can be an infringement on freedom of expression. The government respects the self-correction efforts and autonomous decisions made at a civilian level by the creator, producer, or consumer regarding content that goes against national sentiment.”

original post: theqoo

1. But that’s right.. Only China would stop a drama that hasn’t even started yet

2. Of course, that’s the best answer the Blue House can give

3. How can the government cancel a drama that hasn’t even aired yet? That’s just what China is doing

4. How does the government cancel the drama?… Korea isn’t even North Korea or China

5. Of course, anyway, this petition is telling producers and broadcasters that public opinion is as serious as this

6. The petition is just expressing the opinion of the people, now what we have to do is boycott ‘Snowdrop’

7. But I guess overseas K-pop fandoms will shield them

8. Just boycott ‘Snowdrop’

9. I hope the rating is 0%

10. It’s not China, how can the government cancel the drama?

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