BOL4, Woo Ji Yoon leaves the group… “Ahn Ji Young to promote solo while maintaining the group name”

BOL4 announces Woo Ji Yoon's departure from the group

Shofar Music has announced Woo Ji Yoon’s departure from the duo BOL4. Ahn Ji Young will be promoting solo while maintaining the name BOL4.

original post: nate

1. [+3700, -171] Only Ahn Ji Young got all the attention, so I can’t imagine how much she must be hurt. Probably what happened to duos like 10cm and MeloMance..

2. [+2999, -254] To be honest, Ahn Ji Young worked hard to promote the group. She does all the composing and everything.

3. [+1504, -103] ?????

4. [+465, -7] Woo Ji Yoon composes songs too but their agency only releases Ahn Ji Young’s songs, so I can understand why she wants to reconsider her future. They don’t let her sing, they don’t let her compose songs, she’s basically an extra on stage. What do you make a lot of money if you can’t do what you want to do?

5. [+318, -25] Davichi with the real friendship..

6. [+288, -43] They never looked super close to each other anyway. Woo Ji Yoon fighting

7. [+283, -2] I really can’t imagine all the things she had to hear behind her back this whole time

8. [+280, -3] I’m sure most people already know that this is going to happen

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