BTOB Lee Changsub posted on Instagram

“The many emotions that we’ve been holding back as well as our thoughts, had finally burst out uncontrollably during the concert along with the flow of the music. It was a gesture meant to express the intent of not forgetting the us from back then, and to forever engrave it in our hearts. I hope that this intent will not be distorted. While I am hoping that this will be remembered in my heart, as well as everyone’s hearts, in the future I will continue to grow as BTOB and as Lee Changsub, as a good person and a good artist. I am always thankful for and love Melodys who always believes in us and have walked together with us up to now.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Who ruined those memories????????

2. The fans are pitiful… If it was me, I would leave the fandom..

3. His explanation made me even more disappointed……

4. Don’t you know he’s been using drugs for 5 years? Why do you dare to talk about memories?

5. What is he talking about? He made a mistake, so he should just apologize. What does he think of his fans?

6. He cheated on his fans and used drugs for 5 years… What memories are you talking about?

7. Who made me want to forget all those good times? His explanation is ridiculous

8. Only the fans are pitiful

9. Why do you want fans to remember the days with a member who has been using drugs for 5 years?

10. Well, he makes fans look stupid..

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