BTS V and J-Hope’s ‘A Brand New Day’ is added to the playlist to listen to while traveling to the moon

BTS "A Brand New Day" and "Lights" make it to NASAMoonTunes prestigious playlist

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1. [+1248, -26] BTS V and J-Hope’s ‘A Brand New Day’ will be played in space. I’m proud of that. I think the song will be deeper and more interesting if you listen to the wonderful voice of V and J-Hope in space.

2. [+819, -14] It’s amazing to know that the moon explorer includes BTS V and J-Hope’s ‘A Brand New Day’. Good songs can be heard outside of the Earth, right?

3. [+605, -10] The more I listen to the song, the better the song. I’m glad to hear the good news. Congratulations to BTS, J-Hope and V!

4. [+506, -9] A Brand New Day, which can enjoy BTS V’ charming husky voice, J-Hope’s energetic dynamic rap as well as the outstanding voice of Swedish pop star Zara Lersson, is expected to brings excitement to lonely people, monotonous space trip.

5. [+428, -9] J-Hope, V, BTS! Congratulations! True moon heroes

6. [+102, -0] BTS V and J-Hope are playing in space. I’m so excited.

7. [+81, -0] J-Hope, V, BTS! Congratulations! Thank you for singing a good song.

8. [+80, -0] “As usual, astronauts will wake up listening to music, according to NASA,” adding that the joyful song, harmonized with BTS V’ sweet and charming vocals and J-Hope’s smooth rap, will be a best choice for their trip to the moon.

9. [+68, -0] A song that blends V’s sweet voice and J-Hope’s soft rap. It’s an interesting song even if it’s not a fast beat. A song is created by mixing the East and the West, but the more you listen to it, the better it is.

10. [+65, -0] V, J-Hope. Congrats on BTS!^^

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