BTS and NCT in the same outfit

Japan SPUR March 2020
NCT Yuta, Jaehyun

VOGUE JAPAN August 2020
BTS RM, J-Hope

Prada Spring 2020 Menswear Collection

original post: theqoo

1. BTS looks classy, and NCT looks cute

2. NCT looks better…

3. Sorry models, but the idols look better

4. Both digest better than the models

5. The only advantage is that you can only see their faces because the clothes are really bad

6. I think J-Hope looks the best here

7. Jaehyun is so handsome, I understand why he’s the most popular member in Japan..

8. J-Hope and RM look better for me

9. Their faces win over everything… Both are much better than models

10. I don’t care about clothes, I just know that both NCT and BTS are so handsome

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