BTS being racist in Germany

German radio DJ Matthias Matuschik is under fire after his alleged racist remarks about BTS.

The Bayern 3 network presenter’s statements about the K-pop group included comments about COVID-19 and North Korea, and it’s now gone viral on Twitter. Matthias Matuschik stated BTS are just as awful as the COVID-19 and remarked that he hopes a vaccine will be created for them soon. He also disapproved of the group’s ‘MTV Unplugged’ cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You”, which the band themselves praised in a tweet. Matuschik stated:

“Nothing against South Korea. You can’t accuse me of xenophobia just because this boy band from South – I have a car from South Korea. I have the coolest car ever. I drive a South Korean car with a six-cylinder, twin-turbocharger, four-wheel drive, all the bells and whistles and a top speed of 270. Korea rules, well, South Korea. But BTS, and BTS, yes, they actually have an ‘MTV Unplugged’ now – with a boy band, ‘Unplugged’! That alone is paradoxical! Yes? And then these… these little f***wits brag about the fact that they covered ‘Fix You’ from Coldplay, where I say: ‘This is blasphemy!’ And that’s what I say as an atheist! This is… this is sacrilege, for this you will… for this you will be vacationing in North Korea for the next 20 years!” cr

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1. What the hell is he talking about? Coldplay praised BTS on his Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and he even wrote them in Korean..

2. He’s too stupid

3. How dare he compare BTS to COVID-19? Is he crazy?

4. Crazy, he will be cursed by ARMYs all over the world

5. I think he’s using BTS to get attention

6. Stupid and disgusting

7. Wow, no matter how much you hate BTS, why can you support racism here?…

8. The kids say this isn’t racist because they hate BTS?

9. Crazy.. Although BTS has become world superstars thanks to their natural talent and efforts, they are still looked down upon because they are Asian

10. I’m sorry for German ARMY, but let’s not hold concerts in Germany

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