‘Music Bank’ BTS, win #1 for the 20th time … Red Velvet, SF9, Leo, Stray Kids comeback

BTS 'Boy With Luv' win #1 for the 20th time on Music Bank, Red Velvet, SF9, Leo, Stray Kids comeback

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1.[+805, -11] I’m so happy to know that BTS has won 20 medals.

2. [+468, -5] Wow, is this a true story of 20 gold medals?

3. [+234, -6] BTS record seems like only BTS breaks it. That’s great, BTS.

4. [+215, -6] Congratulations on BTS’ 20th gold medal. Congratulations on your comeback, Red Velvet, Leo, and SF9.

5. [+173, -3] Congrats on BTS.

6. [+45, -4] Aren’t they the best singer of all time to be proud of living in the same country?

7. [+40, -2] Wow, the song released on April 12th is number one until June 21. Congratulations on BTS’s 20th gold medal. It’s good to think of it as a reward for their hard work. Army is the best fandom in the world.

8. [+52, -25] Red Velvet to Believe, Listen and Watch. Please take care of me this summer.

9. [+20, -0] My life has ended since I searched for BTS on Youtube. I’m not doing my daily

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