BTS, +5 steps on Billboard Pop Songs Chart ‘self-break record’

BTS broke their own record for the US radio chart

According to the Billboard Pop Songs Chart chart, BTSBoy With Luv‘ ranked #22 in the chart and is their highest ranking. Jump from #27 to #22.

Billboard said, “BTS, King of Pop” ranked #25 with a remixed version of “Mic Drop“.

This chart is based on Nielsen Music’s radio listening numbers, so it will be reflected on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

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1.[+230, -1] They’re narrowing down the conservative U.S. radio station a little by little.It seems that older Americans are getting to know little by little and adapt to the changing times. I’m waiting for the next story about what a big wind will do now.

2. [+85, -0] BTS BTS! Cool! Bangtan Boys, stay healthy and come back after the tour.

3. [+35, -0] Great, BTS, Just keep it up BTS

4. [+32, -0] BTS is amazing. The most attractive entertainment artist. Moreover, people earn foreign currency. Stay healthy.

5. [+25, -1] BTS is cool.

6. [+6, -0] I hope you can climb to the end.

7. [+2, -0] I guess that’s why they joined Billboard’s Top 40, but I think people play their songs on the radio a lot. Suga’s car is on the road and the radio says, “It’s an honor to hear BTS songs.”

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