BTS change their anxiety through the lyrics

Path (2013)

Born Singer (2013)

2ND GRADE (2014)

Move (2015)

Whalien 52 (2015)

Young Forever (2016)

WINGS (2016)

You never walk alone (2017)

Sea (2017)

Her (2017)

Best of me (2017)

Magic shop (2018)

Love maze (2018)

Anpanman (2018)

Persona (2019)

Shadow (2020)

ON (2020)

BTS has a high level of album participation, so there are many autobiographical lyrics.

If you start listening from their debut album, you will feel their psychological change

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1. I’m not a fan but their lyrics are so good

2. The lyrics are amazing. Our kids love music, and they are always sincere with their fans…. BTS is my first and last idol

3. I can see BTS writing lyrics with their hearts and I can see the sincerity of their lyrics

4. Wow, I read it carefully.. The lyrics contain the stories of BTS

5. I like the lyrics of BTS the most

6. The reason I like BTS is when I listen to music and read the lyrics, I can feel BTS’s thoughts at that time. I feel their music is sincere.

7. I think this is one of the reasons for BTS’s success

8. It’s good that they not only write their own worries, but also write a lot of lyrics about the worries and hesitation that fans will have

9. I feel the sincerity in their music

10. There are many stories about them in the lyrics.. The lyrics are so good

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