BTS confirmed to release a new Japanese album on July 3, the title song “Lights”

BTS will release new Japanese album “Lights/Boy With Luv” and the title song “Lights” in early July!

This will be the first MV from BTS‘s original Japanese song after 4 years since “For You“.

The message sent through the theme song this time is “We can all connect with each other through voice, and we can see each other’s light if we close our eyes.”

BTS‘s 10th Japanese album – “Lights/Boy With Luv” will be released on July 3, 8 months from the group’s previous Japanese album “Airplane Pt2/FAKE LOVE“.


  • Lights (Title song) (Japanese)
  • Boy With Luv (Japanese)
  • IDOL (Japanese)

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1.[+126, -0] They’re really diligent. How can they be so diligent? It’s really cool. When do you sleep? Wow….

2. [+85, -3] I think it’s for Japanese ARMYs who really support BTS attacks and love their music!

3. [+53, -1] I’m really looking forward to BTS’ new song.

4. [+28, -0] BTS is amazing.

5. [+25, -0] Armys will always support you!!!

6. [+22, -6] Even if the Japanese music market is big, But I don’t want them to create Japanese music.

7. [+13, -2] It’s a BTS song that put right-wing forces on the ground as a gift to the Japanese Arrmy. I’m looking forward to the music video.

8. [+8, -0] I don’t think it’s an unnecessary album with BTS. That part of the contract. They will earn money in Japan and maintain domestic activities. I think it is an inevitable choice.

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