BTS creating a buzz at Wembley … all Army become one

BTS Creating a Buzz at Wembley
BTS Creating a Buzz at Wembley
BTS Creating a Buzz at Wembley
BTS Creating a Buzz at Wembley
BTS Creating a Buzz at Wembley

The enthusiastic cheering of the fans is wonderful. When the stage started, they woke up and sang almost all of BTS’s songs regardless of the Korean or English lyrics.

BTS Creating a Buzz at Wembley

Suga said in Korean: “London, where I only see on TV, always leaves me memories that I can’t forget. Do you like it today? I hope you never forget today.”

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1.[+1131, -14] I’m proud of the same country as BTS.

2. [+1001, -84] I’m in my 40s but I support the military exemption for BTS.

3. [+617, -14] BTS is Legend Korean singer Idol, who was ignored for the first time, is holding a concert in Wembley. What are you thinking about? They’ll do a great job at Wembley tomorrow. 120,000 (60,000 + 60,000) Army will make the biggest voice for guys. I love you BTS.

4. [+479, -9] We just went to the Wembley concert. BTS is amazing!!! Korean singer at Wembley, I hope you enjoy the moment without any pressure.

5. [+312, -7] BTS is a legend … a group that doesn’t need words!! Good job!!

6. [+88, -0] They’re a pop singers generation, and their achievements really deserve to be recorded in history. It makes you think deeply about true patriotism and values!!!

7. [+88, -8] If already at this level, I think we should exempt them from military duty. How can they be more famous than an athlete and earn foreign currency? I don’t think it’s worth the quality they’ve accumulated so far. And since they’re a teenager until now, I think dancing is as hard as exercising.This is more valuable than the national team gold medal.

8. [+72, -4] I heard that winning an international sporting event will give you a military exemption. Isn’t BTS in a better position? Even crap baseball players are exempt. ~~~

9. [+58, -1] Now, the BIG 3 agencies seem to be Big Hit, JYP, SM.

10. [+49, -2] BTS turned downtown London into a festival venue! I’m sorry to say that now, but I’m really proud of it is. I’m ashamed that there are a lot of people who say the world is an example who don’t approve of the Republic of Korea.

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