BTS drama ‘Blue Sky’ begins production… “First filming in September”

BTS drama 'Blue Sky' begins production, but netizens feel unnecessary

original post: nate

1. [+654, -20] This drama isn’t even starring BTS. They characters will be based on BTS. I think the cast will be made up of other idol trainees and the drama will be used to promote them.

2. [+549, -11] I’m an ARMY but this doesn’t feel right….

3. [+438, -23] I remember the first generation idols had dramas and movies like this. Sechs Kies had a movie about them called ‘Seventeen’?

4. [+48, -4] What’s special about a drama showing BTS’ story from trainee to debut if BTS isn’t even starring in it? ㅜㅜ They’re just using the BTS name for this and that now

5. [+45, -1] But can the emotions of such a process be delivered without BTS as the stars? I don’t want stuff like this being produced. It would really be more daebak if they made an animation with the BT21 characters

6. [+38, -5] Their agency is getting lost in the mountains. Just focus on their music

7. [+37, -3] But without BTS, is this necessary?

8. [+36, -10] Feels unnecessary;;

9. [+33, -3] Big Hit really doesn’t know when to stop. From webtoons to movies, the whole reason I like Big Hit is because they focus on music and performances. But now they’re doing everything for business

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