BTS’ encore stage at The Fact Music Awards was cut off in the middle of their performance

original post: theqoo

1. They are rude to the singer as well as to the fans

2. The sound is terrible but they sing really well.. Don’t attend this award ceremony next year.. I’m ashamed of The Fact

3. Wow I feel sorry for ARMYs who paid 12,914 KRW for this

4. The award ceremony was worse than the weekly music shows

5. Oh, but the members are all good at singing live

6. Out of the BTS stages I’ve watched, I have no memory of my disappointment with their live performances.. BTS is so good at singing live, they are the stage masters

7. We had to pay and our boys were not allowed to fully celebrate and thank their fans for their Daesang????

8. Why? I couldn’t even hear Seokjin’s voice. The Fact is crazy

9. But it’s ridiculous to pay for the awards ceremony

10. Crazy… There are many award ceremonies in Korea.. If you can’t do it properly, don’t call singers

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