What concept do I want to try if I’m a male idol?

1.BTS – Mic Drop

2. EXO – Love me right

3. NCT – Boss

4. MONSTA X – Dramarma

5. SEVENTEEN – Mansae

6. VIXX – Shangri-La

7. Block B – Very Good

original post: theqoo

1.333 Boss

2. 1, I want to be a singer who can sing that lyrics

3. It is BTS and MONSTA X

4. 2, Feeling happy but delicate and refreshing

5. 1 is a concept that only successful people can do.

6. I also like 1

7. 4 6, I want to try a concept of MONSTA X

8. Boss? My style outfit

9. 1 and 6, I want to do it if I have good skills.

10. I don’t know how many people there are, but I know that I should give the prize to the person who planned the stage. I think it is a stage where performers famous for their performances are a coveted stage.

11. I want to try it all

12. 111 Strong outfits

13. 3,4 I also want to wear those outfits

14. 111111 I want to try if I’m a male idol, but this concept can’t be digested by anyone.

15. 4 6 Both are great stages