“BTS fandom boycotts the Big Hit joint year end concert” What happened?

First, fans have complained that the long-awaited offline concert was not a solo concert but a joint concert.

Fans failed to accept the imperativeness of the label’s joining concert. Fans have stated, “The artists of the Big Hit label are not the artists who are part of the same company and have been working together for a long time like the other agencies. The artists are part of separate agencies that are just affiliates and have recently been merged for business. Not only do the singers, but the fans also do not recognize the artists of Big Hit label as the artist of the same company. The fans believe this joint concert is only for media attention.”

Some fans also took issue with the excessively high ticket prices. Big Hit Entertainment included three packages, all in different price ranges. Tickets are on sale for 154,000 KRW (~138.15 USD) for the base ‘Live Package.’ The ‘CONNECT Package,’ includes the tickets for soundcheck and red carpet entrance for 242,000 KRW (~217.10 USD), and the ‘WE’VE package’ includes the concert ticket, soundcheck, and red carpet entrance, and a ‘FUN Kit’ for 275,000 KRW (~246.70 USD). The contents of the ‘FUN Kit’ has not yet been revealed.

These fans have stated they have never seen any ticket priced this high before. They stated, “The Big Hit label concert ticket price is 270,000 KRW at most. We have not seen any ticket – either from BTS’s concerts or any other artists’ concerts, even joint concerts – priced this high.” The Korean ARMYs have stated they do not want to pay the high priced ticked when they do not know how long BTS will be performing during the joint concert. Also, the fans pointed out another issue that the expensive concert tickets are only available to official fan club members and will be sold through a lottery system.

Fans opposed the concert stating, “The fans only believe the joint concert is being hosted for media attention. Fans feel BTS and the ARMYs are being only used with that intent.” cr

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1. Wow what is this… I’m a BTS fan but I didn’t know about this…

2. When did those things become fan representatives? This is completely ridiculousㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. This statement is ridiculousㅋㅋ How can 7 or 8 people represent all fans?

4. But why are they making this statement as if they were representing all BTS fans? I have never heard of this boycott..

5. I don’t know where the source is, but looking at the comments, it seems the source is from a weird gallery

6. But seriously, Lee Hyun’s fans won’t be able to see his performance..?

7. All are Big Hit’s fault. Big Hit, please awaken!!!!

8. Big Hit was suddenly greedy with money so I started to hate Big Hit. I feel bad for GFriend and NU’EST, who were also dragged into this

9. Since when are antis the representative of ARMY? This is crazy… Just thinking about that made me angry…..

10. There are a lot of crazy fans, the members are pitiful

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