“Please cast BTS Jimin as Prince Eric in ‘The little Mermaid'”

BTS fans want Jimin to be cast as Prince Eric in 'The little Mermaid'

British music media NME said on the 20th that ‘BTS fans want Jimin to be cast as Prince Eric in ‘The little Mermaid‘, a Disney animated series.

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1.[+1341, -94] I told you I saw BTS Jimin somewhere but I wasn’t Snow White so he didn’t recognize me. I’m the cousin of Rapunzel’s friend. Prince can you please meet me?

2. [+938, -45] It would be refreshing to cast BTS Jimin as the Disney prince, Prince Busan synchronization rate 100% Prince Jimin.

3. [+794, -36] So his prince vibes were not there for nothing, BTS Jimin <3

4. [+706, -24] I wrote a comment in that article. BTS Jimin looks great with the prince!!! I’m sorry if Jimin comes to the mermaid as a prince, but I don’t think I can see her.

5. [+594, -20] That’s right, Prince Jimin of BTS! I think that this would be a perfect casting. Hey, can I look forward to it? Prince Jimin.

6. [+68, -2] By any chance, does Prince Jimin’s announcement of the ball on Twitter? I’m not going alone. You know, I’m loyal.

7. [+59, -1] BTS Jimin is Prince!! You can see from Jimin’s outfits. The outfits look really good. His body is solid and his silk silk-silk blouse, a symbol of the nobility, also looks good on him!! I look forward to it! Prince Jimin.

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