BTS receives the watch instead of the cost of performing for the government event

BTS gave up their rare day off and refused all pay for the government event

Korean Presidential Event Planning Advisor, Tak Hyun Min, recently gave an interview where he revealed a special story about BTS‘s performance at the “Korea-France Friendship Concert” that was held in France last year.

BTS had a rare day off but they decided to use that day to come and perform for the event. We offered to at least pay for their travel fees, but the BigHit staff smiled. They asked if it would be okay since BTS will be flying in on a private jet. We looked into it and it would have cost us 100 million won (~$86,000 USD).”

“They settled with just receiving President Moon’s special edition watches, and they refused to be paid.”

“Celebrities often receive backlash when they’re seen being close to the government or any political influence, so we have nothing to say but thank you to BTS.”


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1.[+722, -9] Dedicated to the country with more than 100 million won. The amount of personal donations of each member is significant. Increasing national prestige more than anyone. Next, I need not say, but I hope.

2. [+389, -2] Oh my god …. BTS country

3. [+259, -2] As expected from BTS

4. [+63, -2] I think BTS helped promote Korean culture, not the current government or politician.

5. [+59, -0] It’s between 100 million and 200 million won, but BTS pays for it all. BTS is willing to use their rare vacation day for national event.

6. [+46, -1] It’s not for the government, it’s for the country. Don’t let BTS follow any regime.

7. [+45, -2] In fact, BTS’s good heart for the country was so great, but I think it was too much for them to be called to Paris in their schedules and condition at the time of the European tour. There were members who were injured that day, and I feel sorry that there are many cases of using what BTS has done for the country as if they are supporting a certain party.

8. [+40, -3] This is a real heart attack. BTS free for the country. Undoubtedly, Big Hit and BTS became world singers and they don’t receive expenses for national events. I’m asking you to exempt the BTS from military service.

9. [+37, -6] I can’t believe you’re calling BTS on the day off to pay for the event with your watch.

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