K-pop is famous by BTS … ‘Hallyu surplus’ is best after 2 years and 6 months

BTS helps bring the Hallyu surplus back after China's ban

On May 12, according to Bank of Korea, the economic surplus from this year’s Q1 (Jan-Mar), in terms of audiovisual services, amounted up to $114.7 million, a figure finally matching that of Q3 (July-Sep) from 2016, which had been $132.4 million.

Economic experts have concluded that the steady flow of Korea-China relations back to the pre-ban days and the global popularity of BTS have helped bring the figures back up.

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1.[+1200, -12] In the US, all they care about is BTS …. K-pop and BTS are separate. BTS is not K-pop. That’s because BTS. It is true ~

2. [+777, -7] That’s great ~ That’s the result of overcoming the evils in the Kpop context. There are some other fans who are asking if they feel any damage from BTS fans. If they were treated like BTS, they didn’t ask that. It is pathetic to see that entertainment companies only admit it when they do not help much.

3. [+653, -3] BTS, that’s great.

4. [+505, -6] BTS did everything Big3 couldn’t do.

5. [+453, -2] This is equivalent to cultural assets!!

6. [+99, -0] They came here with their own strength when 7 people in the dingy dining room, were criticized and ridiculed by broadcasting agencies and singers who didn’t even recognize them. I cried.

7. [+68, -0] K-pop is attracting attention thanks to BTS. But other group fans try to deny that. K-pop has cooled down every day. BTS goes through a completely different path from the tearful, devoted efforts of American mothers and it spreads through radio, so fandom becomes stronger. They said other groups will be on the radio thanks to BTS, and the popularity of Kpop has increased.

8. [+63, -0] I’m so glad we got BTS from a small and medium-sized Big Hit, not a big3…

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