BTS J-Hope leaves home to promote in the US

BTS J-Hope on his way to the US on August 19 at Incheon International Airport.

original post: theqoo

1. At this point, I know the vacation of Bangtan is different in meaning and nature.

2. Why does he go alone???

3. Promote? Collaborate with a singer in the US?

4. J-Hope, where are you going? People are feeling bewildered.

5. Is this not your vacation? Do you continue to work while you’re on vacation?

6. Is it a solo album?

7. It seems he has a personal activity. He usually does not have time to rest. It’s funny when they got a vacation.

8. Huh? I heard they got a one-month vacation, he is working on the agency’s schedule? Or is it his own schedule?

9. Where are you going? Have a good time~ Eat a lot of delicious foods

10. J-Hope is working on vacation?

11. He’s not on vacation. Also, he’s going with his manager, not his family, so I think he’s going to work.

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