BTS Jimin appeared like an ambassador for dramas “Idol loved by screenwriters”

BTS Jimin appeared in Korean dramas
BTS Jimin appeared in Korean dramas

In the OCN drama ‘Save Me 2‘ aired on the 16th, Jimin’s name appears in the conversation between characters. “I like Jimin the most. I became a fan during BST. Jimin was really at his peak.”

BTS Jimin appeared in Korean dramas

In SBS drama ‘Haechi‘ episode 11 airing on February 26, Park Moon-soo (Kwon Yul) said, “My blood, my sweat, my tears” and his hand acts like Jimin‘s intro part in the BST song.

BTS Jimin appeared in Korean dramas

Jimin‘s name was mentioned in TVN ‘Tale of Fairy‘ drama. “If I see Secretary Choi in the next room imitating Jimin again, I will massacre him.”

This also means that the performances of Jimin, known as stage genius, are often used as incomparable people.

BTS Jimin appeared in Korean dramas

In addition, interesting fact related to Jimin are hidden in TVN drama “Romance Is a Bonus Book“.

On receipt, ‘Representative, Park Jimin‘ and ‘TEL 095-1013’ have been written.

Park Jimin is Jimin‘s real name, and 951013 indicates Jimin‘s birth date.

The fact that many Screenwriters cite Jimin’s name means he is being used as a trend symbol.

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