BTS Jimin brings great inspiration to artists around the world with his unique dance

BTS Jimin brings great inspiration to artists around the world with his unique dance

From the legendary R&B group ‘Boyz II Men‘ to singer Khalid, everyone praised Jimin‘s solo stage.

Rikako Sasaki, a famous member of the popular Japanese idol group ANGERME, said that she got inspired by the dance of BTS Jimin.

A famous music critic commented on Jimin‘s dance: “Watch Jimin dance. It’s not human. I admire him”, and he praised on the popular American media that “his dance is so attractive, powerful and charming that it is difficult to breathe.”

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1.[+1211, -125] BTS Jimin is the inspiration for artists around the world and is an expert at Busan art high school because he is a modern dance artist. His dances are very artistic from head to toe. I can’t take my eyes even 0.1 seconds. The more I look at them, the more I love them every day, the more I love the dancing king Jimin.

2. [+927, -54] During and after the Chicago concert, the popularity of Jimin, seems to be overwhelming. Jimin’s expressive power, dance, look, and tone are so beautiful and mysterious that words can’t express them. Especially, after watching Serendipity’s video, I’m watching it again. His strength on stage is beyond imagination. Thank you for singing and I support Jimin’s unwavering love and sincerity.

3. [+798, -36] Today’s Serendipity performance is the best. Jimin’s professional look at the concert despite the rain and cold weather was called the idol king. Just by watching the concert video, Jimin’s fascinating and beautiful dance line was simply unique!! BTS Jimin is the best.

4. [+734, -28] Compared to Jimin’s unique voice, I like his dance more. I’ve been watching Jimin’s dance so far. I’m here for one person who watched Jimin.

5. [+634, -38] The dance of BTS Jimin is on a different level

6. [+143, -1] BTS Jimin is said to carry emotion in dance, so it feels different even when performing the same dance. The dance line is pretty.

7. [+119, -1] While watching Jimin dance, I was just surprised. BTS always shows us great performances. Jimin is so cool.

8. [+98, -1] BTS Jimin is a stage genius.

9. [+83, -1] BTS Jimin’ dance line is so pretty, and his body is so sexy. The stage of the great genius and the stage of BTS is always Legend

10. [+71, -4] Yes, BTS Jimin. My ultimate favorite performer. The best one indeed

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