“The King of KPOP 2019” BTS Jimin, Skill + charm is also the top!

BTS Jimin is "The King of KPOP 2019"

BTS Jimin has shown his charisma as the Kpop symbol star with No. 1 in ‘The King of KPOP 2019’ at King Choice.

BTS Jimin is "The King of KPOP 2019"

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1. [+1654, -207] I’m proud to have such a singer in Korea in an article about the new record of BTS Jimin. Jimin has many charms that attract many people ~ Jimin, I love you very much.

2. [+1207, -109] I hope Jimin is healthy and has a lasting influence~ He is like a gift~ He is the best~!! I hope Jimin always feels good and enjoys his life well.

3. [+1113, -88] You can see BTS Jimin is the best idol by watching his fancam. It’s great that his efforts are recognized. Jimin, he is the best~

4. [+1002, -78] Jimin is a stage genius artist. King of kpop

5. [+218, -21] Jimin can’t live without music and dance. BTS, I love you, fighting!

6. [+190, -22] Jimin’s ability and personality are the perfect match for legend !!! No. 1 King of K-pop is right!!! Jimin, you’re doing a really good job !!! I’m even more proud of you for always working hard and thank you!!

7. [+159, -4] Jimin~! Congratulations on winning the first place! Keep going on the flower path.

8. [+160, -25] Jimin is the best person in the world.

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