BTS Jimin’s thighs’ strength

Have you guys ever seen Jimin’s lower body properly? People only pay attention to Jimin’s facial expression on stage and his elegant upper body movements

I think the source of all the strength to complete Jimin’s dance is the lower body.

His skinny waist that looks like the total opposite of his lower body
Do you want to see Jimin’s toned thighs?

BTS Jimin's thighs' strength

Isn’t he cool? He’s Park Jimin

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1. [+177, -20] I used to learn to dance. If your lower body collapses, your dance lines will be ruined. You really need strong lower body muscles so your dance lines look sharp. Jimin looks toned

2. [+165, -22] I’m sorry.. I couldn’t see anything from your first picture after looking at his abs so so instead of looking closely at everything again, I’ll give you this picture instead. Now, I’ll look at his toned lower body.

3. [+153, -19] This cute kid.. He looks the coolest when he dances..

4. [+72, -125] You sound like a perv*rt..;

5. [+52, -12] When his body was bending backwards, his thigh muscles were not a joke

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