BTS Jin and Suga might have difficulty joining ‘world tour’ next year… will their wings be folded by military law?

BTS Jin and Suga face difficulties with overseas activities next year due to military service law
BTS Jin and Suga face difficulties with overseas activities next year due to military service law

Under the newly amended law, young Korean nationals aged 25-27, who have never served in the military, are allowed to travel abroad for up to 5 times per year, with a total stay of no more than 6 months.

Under current law, Jin (1992) and Suga (1993) are both male youth within the scope of regulation next year (2020).

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1.[+576, -20] The wings will be folded, what ㅋㅋ Military cann’t prevent BTS

2. [+379, -22] The military service law standards were very strange. Na Ji-wan, who hid injuries and joined the national team, Oh Ji-hwan, and Kim Ki-hee, who played in the first minute of a soccer match? I think BTS members helped us a lot more, whether it was national prestige or economic effect. I’m a fan, so I don’t want them to take responsibility for their military service. I’m sorry that someone took the responsibility of taking the responsibility so easily.

3. [+392, -71] If BTS is not exempt from military service, please postpone it.

4. [+328, -27] Even if the two of them go, BTS will still grow strongly. The remaining 5 members will do well. And Army from all over the world will support them, after being freed from the military, you will be even more excited when they are back to full.

5. [+185, -1] What’s folding; a title.

6. [+110, -12] Honestly, it’s more national prestige than exempting baseball players and footballers with medals, although I’m not a fan, I can’t believe I’m saying this. I want BTS to be exempt from military service. I didn’t talk about it, but as a citizen, I understood the country needed these children, so I understood and was convinced.

7. [+100, -7] In reality, it is hard to exempt people from the ban, but I hope you will act. It’s a huge economic effect, but as BTS falters and the K-pop dropped… … I don’t think there are any artists in Korea who can do this much.

8. [+74, -1] I’m not asking for a military exemption, but please make improvements so that they can do overseas activities.It’s a real national damage. Don’t use it only when you need it. Please make improvements.

9. [+85, -21] Humanly, I want you to exempt these people from national prestige and the foreign currency they earn.

10. [+68, -8] BTS’s got a lot of economic effects right now. If the military stands in the way, it will be a loss to the nation. Who 3 times ranked 1 on the Billboard chart? Only BTS and writing new history of Korea. I think the country should pay them back for that much. No singer has an economic effect like BTS.

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