BTS Jin, contributions exceeded 100 million won … Member of UNICEF honor club

BTS Jin became a member of the UNICEF honor club for his secret contributions

UNICEF Honor Club for members who donate over 100 million won to the organization. Since May 2018, Jin has quietly donated a fixed amount each month, up to now 100 million won.

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1.[+578, -6] I’m proud^^ I can be proud of being his fan.

2. [+447, -4] A handsome man has a good-looking soul.

3. [+373, -1] Jin, who has donated a certain amount each month since last May, did not agree to disclose the amount of the donation each month but agreed to disclose information about his participation in the UNICEF Club by because it wants to have a good influence is spreaded. Seokjin, the more you know about him, the more you love him.

4. [+197, -1] Jin~~~ That’s cool!

5. [+186, -2] He’s great

6. [+62, -0] A good man

7. [+59, -0] Seokjin made a quiet donation. It’s not easy to donate. It’s great that you’ve been quietly donating more than 100 million won. We always cheer for BTS!

8. [+49, -0] BTS Jin is so cool! Kim Seok-jin

9. [+46, -0] BTS earns a lot of money. He knows how to give.

10. [+42, -0] BTS Jin has a beautiful soul like his appearance. I will always try to cheer for you up and make good influence.

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